#1: Interview

When you contact us the first thing we'll do is schedule a consultation. This will be a 30 minute discussion (free of charge!) to help us get to know you better. If you decide to take the next step, we'll arrange for a visit.

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#2: Plan

Ready to point your toes in the right direction? One of our personal stylists will meet with you to get a handle on the image you would like to portray and the steps necessary to get there.

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#3: Implement

Time to clean house! Or closet, rather. Pull out the donation basket. It's time for to decide what not to wear. When the agony is over we'll leave you with a list of what you'll need to pull off "The Look". The rest is up to you.

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Women have a lot going on today. It IS possible to do it all, but it's so much easier with a little help.

SprOutfit is a company of women who have one simple goal: help other women look their best and be their best. We can help you:

  • Create your own personalized sense of style.
  • Enter the workforce looking like style is effortless.
  • Re-enter the workforce after having children...looking like style is effortless.
  • Overhaul your look (and your life) with a wardrobe makeover.


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Why contact us?

SprOutfit was started...in a friend's closet. Because sometimes it takes a friend to give your closet a critical eye to help you determine what does - and doesn't - accentuate your positives. Couldn't we all use a little bit of that?